Suicide is Not About You

These are very important issues we need to discuss. The thoughts we sit with in the dark need to have light shed on them. Otherwise, they are more likely to overtake us. If you’re having thoughts of suicide, PLEASE PLEASE get some professional help. If someone comes to you with suicidal thoughts, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show nothing but care & compassion.

Then Everything Changed

Warning: This is a candid piece about a difficult subject.  Please understand I am not advocating suicide nor is this a cry for help.  I’m encouraging understanding and compassion.

The chronically ill suffer from severe depression, grief, loss, and a high suicide rate, but these symptoms are rarely openly discussed.  Today, however, I will brave speaking candidly about the topic that is so much easier to ignore.  We all know it is there, but neither the chronically ill, nor the healthy want to acknowledge the elephant in the room hogging the sofa and the remote.  Why?  Simple, the hard truths everyone would have to acknowledge are more terrifying than an IRS audit on infinite loop.  Even at this moment many would rather suffer through its poor taste in TV shows than read on and acknowledge this particular elephant.


Well, I’ve never really been one to go with the flow.  We…

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